About the game

JigsawMaster is a digital version of the classic jigsaw puzzle, featuring a simple yet fun gameplay and providing everything you need to enjoy your puzzle making experience.
Choose between two levels of difficulty and two puzzle sizes, and start playing with one of the 4 default puzzle images provided with the game, or add your own images to the game selecting them from your hard drive! Your images will be automatically converted into puzzles ready to be played.



System requirements


Download JigsawMaster v1.1
Zip file - 5.7mb

Known bugs

Adding big images as puzzles can cause graphic issues. The maximum size of the images before glitches happen varies depending on the graphics card. It is recommended to resize manually to a size not below 768x512 pixel your image if you encounter this problem. Corrupted puzzles can be removed from the game simply deleting their image files from the images folder.

Credits & info

This game has been created by Homunculus. JigsawMaster is free to play, redistributing the game is possible only for free and by providing a link to this page. You can not claim this game as your own.
For help or more information, contact me at